Wish is the fruit of the grapes of some very old strains, in a crust in As Penelas to the limit of the D.O. Ribeiro. This crust is oriented northwest between two projections. These vineyards are unique due to the steep slopes and their stone walls. These hard-growing farm made their grapes the last ones to be picked. The separate elaboration of this old plot revealed a different wine, less concentrated and mature, but fresher and of floral and fruity intensity. A more côte Rôtie line, in the Hermitage del Ribeiro. The freshness and depth of an Atlantic wine that goes on the market only in warm years.

( Gomariz – Ribeiro – Ourense – Galicia )

Grapes: Ferrol, Sousón, Caiño Longo, Bastardo & others.

Label Meaning: It is a tribute to a mythical group of post-punk gothic rock such as The Cure, who accompanied XLSebio and marked his youth. Wish is also the “Wish” for this crush over the years, until being embodied in this wine.

In the label appears a draw from a picture of Xose Lois Sebio walking in the vineyards.