Salvaxe is the result of very old strains from Lado, Treixadura, Albariño, Godello, Caiño Blanco and Silveiriña, from old vineyards in Gomariz. Old vineyards that allow the birth of a differentiating project. Traditional viticulture and organic and biodynamic cultivation. Together with permaculture works inspired by Fukuoka.

( Gomariz – Ribeiro – Ourense – Galicia )

The extraordinary depth and meatiness of the old vines revealed a different, concentrated and sapid wine. Its form of cultivation, supposes a lower production, but contributes more volume and fruit intensity. Minerality and fruity in equal parts. Added to the concentration and finesse they make it different.

Label Meaning: It is an illustration that reflects the blow of a wild beast that was not tamed. Salvaxe is a pure wine in the countryside and cellar. No manipulation or intervention. Minimum doses of sulphites and a slight filtration. It is the concept of “catching” some strains that vegetate free in the bottle. This has taken us a few years, to capture it in this wine.

Salvaxe (Galician) = Salvaje (Spanish) = Wild (English)