Oldest Viticulture Reserve in the Iberian Peninsula; Since the 10th century it has been known as the “Golden Mile of the Ribeiro” for its exceptional qualities for growing vineyards.


Coto de Gomariz owes its name to the village where it is located: “Gomariz” which comes from “gomariza”: vine shoots.

Oldest Viticultural Reserve in the Iberian Peninsula, from the s. X is known as the “Ribeiro’s Golden Mile”.

Ricardo Carreiro continues the long saga of winegrowers in his family. His father, Caco, resumed professional viticulture in the 1970s after emigrating to South America. The first bottle of Coto de Gomariz with that name is from the 80s. Today 32 hectares of native varieties are worked.

Gomariz is in the northernmost part of the D.O., with the typical granitic-sandy soils, but there is also a band of schists (xistos) and clayey soils in the center of the valley, which provides extraordinary complexity compared to other areas. SE-SO’s privileged orientation allows to obtain a perfect maturation without neglecting an exquisite freshness.

The current winery was built in 2000 with architecture integrated into the landscape and about 200,000 bottles are produced between all the projects.

We produce white and red wines and a gourmet coffee liqueur. + Gomariz.

According to The Conde Nast – Traveler Wine Guide – “Essential Winery to know the avant-garde (or the rescue of tradition depending on how you look at it) of the Ribeiro. Coto de Gomariz has been the pioneer in revealing that the DO Ribeiro can be made in addition to white, attractive reds and with character”.