Inma & Miguel

We manage small producers of quality wines.

WHAT IS Los Vinos de Miguel?

Los Vinos de Miguel : “Miguel´s Wines”, We are Inma & Miguel who have been part of the Coto de Gomariz winery team since 2009 doing the marketing work for the world of the two wine-growing projects that are made here:

– Coto de Gomariz: Main winery.

– Ailalá-Ailalelo


Los Vinos de Miguel is made up of two professionals who have been in this wine sector for many years, capable of transmitting the image of wines with a clear identity and built around the concept of terroir.

The term terroir is intimately related to the soil in which the vine is planted, but it includes, in addition to the soil itself, its characteristics that will influence the final result of the wine; the climate of the area; and the human factor. That is why making a wine with the same type of grape, but in different places and by different people, will never give the same result.

Vision and Mission

We work to highlight the added value of these wines from the Northwest of Spain. They are wines with a strong Atlantic character made with the utmost care in contact with the land where their grapes grow. Wines with great personality that have been made for centuries in a region with an exciting wine history.

Now we export to more than twenty countries in the world and we are expanding rapidly, but we also operate in the Spanish market through promotional activities in most of the provinces.

We are not intermediaries; we are the winery. We are part of Gomariz and Gomariz and their projects, facing the Public Gallery, we are: Inma and Miguel.


Miguel Montoto

Miguel is a Professional Sommelier and comes to the world of wine after extensive experience in the business world.

His passions are skiing, cycling, motor and the sea.

Eclectic in musical tastes, he especially enjoys rock & roll and blues classics; more of The Rolling Stones than The Beatles, but also electronic music and the eighties with its “move” that he lived in the first person.

With training in Business and Commerce, Miguel speaks several languages and enriches us every day with the point of view of a restless personality and the learning of years as a businessman. This born entrepreneur, bohemian, dreamer and with a great gift for people, has turned wine into his passion and has already caught him with no return.

Inma Pazos

With a degree in Enology and Chemical Sciences, Inma has the necessary training to explain wines and their specifications with the passion of any winemaker.

She discovers her vocation for wine when she realizes that in this sector there is not only a business based on science, but also that there is art, culture, history and she offered the possibility of traveling and knowing other worlds to share it with the the rest.

She has worked as a Technician, training with some of the most important producers of Great Wines of Spain in different Denominations of Origin, to make a type of sale closer to the product than to the commercial margins only.