June 2021 W&S Magazine Issue

Wine & Spirits Magazine June 2021

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Around the World in 40 wines. Adventure calling. 

For most of 2020, we learned how exhausting it is to stay in one place. Now, our imaginations are alive with the possibilities of small summer gatherings.

To make al fresco gatherings easier, WS’ve gathered a list of brands you can count on for good drinking at $20 or less. Each of them has outperformed the competition in WS focus tastings over the last 12 months, with affordable wines gaining high accolades.

Here are 9 of  The Most Value Brands of the Year, matched with a day-trip idea that WS’ve been dreaming about, from our June 2021 Edition.


La Flor y la Abeja is the only Spanish wine on the list.

This white wine made with indigenous Treixadura grape is the wine from Spain that represents the northwest of Spain.

This year 2021 is Saints’ Day in Santiago de Compostela and it means that the Cathedral of Santiago is open the Holy Door to enter and all your sins will be forgiven.

This is a Christian fact but today it is a good excuse to visit Santiago de Compostela and a great opportunity to taste the special Galician food and wine.

Galician wines are getting more and more recognition and Galician wineries, such as Coto de Gomariz.

Coto de Gomariz is a winery with the Ribeiro denomination of origin and the Treixadura and Souson grapes are the most important local grapes produced here.

This article searches around the world, a world of wines and the most representative views of each place.

In Galicia you can make a pilgrimage and see the birds fly over the estuaries, in Santiago de Compostela.

2018 Ribeiro La Flor y la Abeja Treixadura $20

2018 Ribeiro La Flor y la Abeja Souson $20