+ GOMARIZ Café de Gomariz (Licor)

+ GOMARIZ Café de Gomariz (Liquor)


Hard Liquor :
It comes from distillation of local varieties: Treixadura, Godello, Loureira and albariño stems. It´s distilled in 300 liters cooper stills in our own facilities. Selection of hearts of distillation is made, tuned by distillation lentil used. It´s aged for a year in stainless steel vat.

Selection of two gourmet coffees of Arabic Variety: Volcán de Oro, Guatemala y Pico San Cristóbal, Supremo Colombia.
Volcán de Oro: Coffee from Antigua region, grown on volcano’s slopes to a height of 1.500-1.700 meters over sea level.
Pico San Cristóbal: Coffee from Medellin region, grown on San Cristobal Peak´s Slopes to a height of 1.500-2.000 meters over sea level.
Their aromatic intensity, perfume taste and light acidity are maximized by the climatic conditions, types of soils and height where they are grown. Soft roasting.

Unrefined pure Sugar cane from Reunion Island is used. Reunion belongs to
Mascareñas Islands archipelago sited on Indian Ocean.


Crushed grain maceration for two months, one of them with daily shaking. It´s Finned by decantation. No filtering process is realized to preserve coffee features. It rounds in bottle for a month. Traditional and exclusive manufacture is realized.

Alcohol: 30 % Vol.

Format: 6 bottles cases. Bottle 700 ml.