Ailalá Treixadura


Dry, young, single-varietal white wine from Treixadura from the youngest vineyards of the Avia Valley (San Cristóbal and Gomariz) on granitic sands and clay soils (sábrego).
Ailalá shows us the Treixadura in an immaculate, pure way. This Ribeiro wine serves as an introduction to other more complex wines called Ailalelo.


Tasting notes: Quite golden in color with wonderful reflections of light – very lively color. The aromatics on this wine are super clean and powerful with lemon curd, apricot, white flowers and seashells. Some wintergreen mint/fennel/cloves notes.  Ripe melon and sweet lemon. Lots of body. Very dense, needs time. In the mouth notes of apricot, white peach, and peche de vigne. Just picked crunchy peach notes. Lots of zing, some tangerine, blood orange notes. Some lemon and grapefruit peel. Very persistent. Incredible relative value compared to other white wine of this ilk.