Grape Origin Grape Selection in Northern vineyards in Avia Valley. Orientation East. Royat and Guyot prunnnig. 5000 to 7.200 pl/Ha. Fukuoka and R. Steinner teories in viticulture are followed. No Synthesis or Insecticide products used.

Soils Granitic Sands Soils.

Orography  Terraces (Socalcos) and smooth slopes

Location Gomariz, Leiro – D.O. Ribeiro – Ourense, Galicia, España.

Varietal breakdown  Treixadura

Winemaking Selection in field. Hand Harvest into 18 kg plastic-crates. Sorting table is used. De-stemming, crushing and smooth pressing is made. Free-run juice is statically settled and fermented at low temperature in stainless steel vats.  Salvage yeast is used. Fermentation is stopped mechanically when sugar/acidity proportion is right. German Style wine. Wine rounds in the vat for 9 months. It´s bottled in Flower Day: April, 9th 2016. Round in bottle for minimum 8 months.

% VOL  9,15
Reducing sugar (g/l)  80
Total acidity (g/l)  8,3
pH 2,92
Total Sulphites (mg/l) 140

Production (bottles)  2.500
Format   Bottle 75 cl. 6 bottles cases.

Label explanation 12 is read “DOCE” in Galician Language. Means “sweet” and it´s number 12. This Wine is the Brand nº 12 in Gomariz Portfolio.
Service y Food pairing 7-8ªC. Asiatic Food. Hot Food. Pastry cakes with fruits as Apple and creams. Foie.

Tasting notes (Josh Raynolds) Yellow straw, greenish notes. Intense aromas of white peach, tangerine skin, candied orange, green pineapple, jasmine, green tea, phosphorus, honeycomb wax and aromatic herbs. Citrus mouth, fresh, tasty sweet acid balance. Post long and sour taste. Mineral character of granitic soil. Wine that will improve in bottle. It would round its intense acidity, with addictive sweetness.