Súper Héroe


Super Hero is the wine fruit of the grapes of old vines. A representation of the potential of these vines. These vineyards are unique due to the steep slopes and their stone walls. These difficult-to-grow farms make their grapes the last ones to be picked. The elaboration together, of these old plots, gives us a different wine, with fine tannins, less concentrated, more accessible, ripe, and of great fruit intensity. A first step to start in the Top of Ribeiro. Its maturity, sapidity, depth and differentiation make it different from the wines that exist today.

( Gomariz – Ribeiro – Ourense – Galicia )

Grapes: Ferrol, Sousón, Caiño Longo, Bastardo & others.

Label Meaning: It is an illustration that reflects the Super Hero who comes to help us fight against clone wines. Super Hero is also the fight of good against evil, the different against the globalized. The personal against the impersonal, the different against the common and vulgar. The first step to get to know vineyards of encostas and a clear sample of what we do.