Máis Alá


Máis alá is the wine of some Godello grapes from the A Falcoeira area in O Bolo. (Valdeorras – Ourense – Galicia) A high hillside high slope.

The extraordinary freshness and depth that these strains provide in height give us a different, fluid, elegant and sapid wine. The altitude means greater freshness and acidity. Fermentation and aging in barrels, brings more volume, sweetness and complexity. Great aromatic intensity, minerality and fruitiness on a creamy background. Its concentration, freshness and finesse and its character with personality, make it different.

Label Meaning: It is an illustration of the mountains where the grapes come from this wine. Máis alá is the hillside wine in height, a climber who climbs to harvest his vines at the top of the mountain. The reflection of the hard work to get this grape.

Mais Ala (Galician) = Más Allá (Spanish) = Beyond (English)