La Rubia de Rizos


Style of Beer: It is a dark, full-bodied and elegant lager. It has a fine and defined foam, of medium persistence, which is easily recovered.

Color: It has shades of old gold, projected like the flame of a candle. Golden but with excellent transparency, not usual in this style of beers.

Aromas: It is a very balanced beer between alcohol, aromas and flavor. 7 alcoholic degrees that do not stand out, being well balanced with its Pilsner malt. Although it has a Saaz hops, originating from the Czech Republic, it does not prevail neither in bitterness nor over other aromas. It is a noble, smooth and pleasant hop, earthy and spicy. It has light notes of yeast aromas and fresh cereals.

Taste: At first a marked sweet flavor is appreciated, reminiscent of honey with soft caramel nuances. Ripe pineapple and peach are subtly appreciated. Light hints of spice, vanilla, toasted coriander seeds and citrus nuances, all of them very balanced and balanced

Pairing: This is a beer that can be drunk alone. But thanks to its fruity and slightly spicy nuances, structure, its moderate alcoholic strength and overall balance. They make it an excellent companion, to be enjoyed accompanying both fish and meat.