Coios came from some Mencía grapes on the hillside of the O Val area in Valtuille. The grapes come from an old vineyard plot in the coldest area of Valtuille (Bierzo – Castilla León).

The extraordinary freshness and depth provided by these hillside strains give us a different, fresh and sapid wine. The altitude means greater freshness and acidity, something basic to preserve the fruit characteristics of this variety. This greater acidity allowed us to have a very low pH for what is usual for this variety. Soils of Coios (Boulders) that suppose great maturity, more volume, fineness and mineral character. High aromatic intensity, mineral, red fruit and spices. Floors that provide concentration and elegance, which make it different.

Label Meaning: It is an illustration that reflects the soil of Coios (Boulders) where the grapes from this wine come from. The hardness of the soil, the character that it transmits to grapes and wine. Coios is a pure wine in the countryside and cellar. Minimum doses of sulphites and a slight filtration. The mineral character of the soil where the vines grow from where our grapes come from.